Thursday, March 25, 2010

mini prints

I've been working on a mini print series for the Pameran Poskad show in Singapore. Perhaps because I'm staying right on the quayside in Fremantle that I've beccome preoccupied with all things marine (but all things marine are not usually far from my mind anyway). I've called the series 'sea tales'.

Being away from home my challenge was to create something that didn't require a press and would be relatively easy to make and transport. I bought with me a small roller, a couple of perspex plates, already torn printmaking paper and just one small pot of printmaking ink. Here are my test prints, not great inking and some on lined paper but it's just to give the idea.

My first print fell onto my sketchbook easily - a tiny mermaid baby in a sac. I have to explain right now I am a lifelong beachcomber, addicted since a child (I could write a book about beachcombing...) but to keep things short, it was always magical finding a 'mermaid's purse washed up on the beach. They are in fact egg capsules holding the eggs of a species of dogfish. But what if they lived up to their name in some way?

My second print is related to a story my sister posted to me recently about hundreds of starfish washing up on a beach in the UK. The link to the story is here. The image of hundreds of starfish on the beach stayed with me. The moon gazing character? Up to you...

Ahh... sea angels. What a lovely name. There is a tiny illuminated display at Underwater World in Singapore with some sea angels (Clione limacima) and next time I go I will take some photographs. They are swimming sea slugs and live in the Arctic and Antartic Oceans, so not much chance I'll be seeing them anytime soon in their natural habitat. They are almost transparent and have that ethereal quality like jellyfish - except they really do look like little angels with their 'wings' beating. One thing I love about them is that they have little 'horns' (head tentacles) so they are little angels but a bit devilish too! More images to come...

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