Friday, January 9, 2009

just do it

It's quite timely that one of the tasks in The Artist's Way is listing creative goals for the year. It's nice to start the year thinking about my creative goals rather than what I am going to give up (which usually doesn't last very long!) - it definitely feels a much more positive and dynamic way to go. Most of my goals are very concrete like learning how to use my new digital SLR or going on a botanical illustration course (if I can find one). Right up there at the top is my intention to draw every day - even if it's just a quick 15 minute sketch, and draw without judgement. If I can't manage it for whatever reason, then so be it - I'll just start again the next day. Here's one of this week's drawings. One my cats often curls up in a ball with his head tucked in - perfect for a quick sketch!


Secret Wish Jar said...

That's one of my goals too, to learn how to really use my new SLR. So many buttons and possibilites on the camera can be a bit intimidating, don't you think? But we're gonna nail it, no doubt! :)

stargazer said...

And I am really not one to read manuals - guess this time I'll have to! Good luck, look forward to seeing more of your photos!