Saturday, February 14, 2009

dancing shoes

Here are my new flamenco shoes direct from Spain! I love the fact they have metal in the heel and toe - they sound great on against the dancefloor. If I can just get the hang of Sevillanas, or some basic hand clapping (palmas) in the next few months, I'd be really happy. I'm not the quickest at picking up these things... Kind of hoping this will help my posture too... You don't see many flamenco dancers slouching. I have no big aspirations, just a desire to be challenged in a way I don't usually let myself be challenged. It's fun. I don't care about making mistakes (which is just as well).

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dreamreality said...

I love dance shoes too. Used to really like my ballet shoes when I was young, then my tap shoes and lately my social dance shoes. Love the feel of them, the sound they make on the floor and the way they make me feel. I am so glad you're learning flamingo. It's one of the dance forms I'd love to watch and to take some classes one of these days.