Monday, April 19, 2010

Presentation at the National Geographic store

Seems every day it rains torrentially in the late afternoon at the moment - the sky goes a deep grey, then all hell breaks loose. It's all very dramatic but it means it's almost impossible to get a taxi, especially at rush hour. We don't have a car at the moment and I would have got drenched even getting to any public transport from where I live. Anyway, last Friday I eventually got down to the National Geographic Store in Vivocity where the editor of ScubaDiver Australasia, Diego Garcia, was presenting the winning photographs and videos of the ADEX Voice of the Ocean competition. I only managed to catch him discussing the videos, but even so it was really interesting to hear his critiques.

All the winning photographs and artwork were on display in the store aswell and I'll go down later in the week to take a closer look. I really liked how they displayed my prints in a glass case - looks very classy!

And here's me (on the right) being presented with a certificate and bag of goodies from Laura, the Event and Marketing Manager for ADEX and Asian Geographic magazines. A great end to the week!

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