Thursday, November 11, 2010

meditation in glass

I have neglected my blog for far too long...and now I'm going to make admends, lots of thoughts and ideas but the best thing is to dive in with a new post. Just write. Perhaps it's a bit early but I'm already reflecting on this year. One of the key things for me is getting myself organised, especially where my artwork is concerned. Buying a plan chest, though not cheap, has really been a key to getting me a lot more organised. It's been a great investment. I can keep all my artwork and paper safe - safe from cats, away from dust but most importantly it's in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. What this all means is that I just don't see my work much - it's all my work is carefully wrapped in acid free paper and carefully stored in drawers. That is fine by me, although eventually I'd like my work to find a 'proper' home somewhere.
I visited a friend's home a few months ago and was almost shocked to see one of my prints up on her wall. I guess I was taken aback as I'd forgotten she had this piece of work, but mostly it was just how different it looked in its new surroundings. It fitted in so well in her home, the subject matter and colours blended in really well - to be honest it was a real joy to see it there. And really when it comes down to it, art doesn't really belong in a drawer, does it?
Not all my work is paper based. A few years ago I did alot of stained glass, and it's something I am sure I'll return to. I made the 'meditating man' in the photo a few years ago and now it lives in my friend's glass studio in India. I am especially happy that it lives in another artist's studio! I took some classes with Anjali when she lived in Singapore and she's a real inspiration - totally committed arist who makes wonderful original glass work.
Here's a link to her website:

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